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Because a complete bibliography of my writings would cover more than half a dozen pages, I’ve listed here only my book publications. I have also written fiction and many essays, but they have never been collected.

Witness the Heart Toronto: Willow Green Press, 1963 (No ISBN)

Edge. An Independent Journal of the Arts, Letters & Politics, editor & publisher: Vols. 1 - 9, Edmonton - Montreal, 1963-69

New Wings for Icarus Toronto: Coach House Press, 1966 (with lithographs by Norman Yates)

The World is a Rainbow Toronto: Canadian Music Centre, 1968. (poems for children set to music by Wolfgang Bottenberg)

The Price of Morning Vancouver: Prism International Press, 1968 (transl. poems by Walter Bauer)

Face on the Dark Toronto: New Press, 1970 ISBN 0-8870-066-7

Inuk and the Sun Toronto: Playwrights Co-Op, 1973 (play-script), 1974 (book); Toronto: Gage Publishing Ltd, 1980 ISBN 0-7715-9979-X; Frankfurt: Diester-weg Verlag, 1988 (School and University edition with additional materials, edited by A.-R. Glaap) ISBN 3-425-04841; Toronto: Playwrights Canada, 2001 (bilingual edition) French translator: Arlette Francière ISBN 0 88754-608-0

The Salt I Taste Montreal: DC Books, 1975 ISBN 0-919688-06-3

A Different Sun Ottawa: Oberon Press, 1976 (transl. poems by Walter Bauer) ISBN 0-88750-165-6

Cues and Entrances. An Anthology of Canadian Plays for Schools: Toronto: Gage Educational Publishing Co, 1977 ISBN 0-7715-1191-4; revised edition, 1993 ISBN 0-7715-1002-0

For Crying Out Loud (play for young adults) Toronto:1975 Canadian Drama, Vol.1, #2; in Cues and Entrances, Toronto: Gage Publishing Ltd, 1977 ISBN 0-7715-1191-4; revised in Cues and Entrances Gage, 1993 ISBN 0-7715-1002-0

Goya(play) Toronto: Playwrights Canada, 1978 and 1981 ISBN 1-55155-755-X

Under Coyote's Eye (play)Toronto: Playwrights Canada, 1979 ISBN 1-55155-830-0; Dunvegan: Quadrant Press, 1980 and 1981 ISBN 0-86495-002-0

Cantos North Alexandria: Ayorama Editions,1980 (de luxe; lithographs by Friedhelm Lach). ISBN 0-919221-00-9; Moonbeam: Penumbra Press, 1982 ISBN 0-920806-41-4

Kanada. Romantik und Wirklichkeit. Photography by Janis Kraulis. Innsbruck: Pinguin Verlag, 1981 ISBN 3-7016-2101-2

Season of Blood Toronto: Mosaic Press, 1984 ISBN 0-88962-272-8

The Emigrants (play by Slawomir Mrozek) transl. New York: Samuel French, 1984 ISBN 0-573-64032-7

Three Plays by Tankred Dorst (transl. The Curve, A Trumpet for Nap, Grand Tirade at the Town Wall Toronto: Playwrights Canada, 1976; 1984 ISBN 0-919834-63-9

Poems New and Selected Toronto: Mosaic Press, 1987 ISBN 0-88962-358-9

Ammonite Alexandria: Ayorama Editions, 1987 (De luxe; artwork by Friedhelm Lach) ISBN 0-919221-10-6

A Thistle in his Mouth Dunvegan: Cormorant Books, 1987 ( transl. and selected poems by Peter Huchel) ISBN 0-920953-20-4

Stones to Harvest Alexandria: Ayorama Editions, 1987 (De luxe; woodcuts by Dale Alpen-Whiteside) ISBN 0-919221-13-0; Trade edition: Goderich: Moonstone Press, 1993 ISBN 0-920259-44-8

Waiting for Gaudreault & Are You Afraid of Thieves? (two plays by André Simard), transl. with Arlette Francière; Toronto: Simon & Pierre, 1978 ISBN 0-88924-024-

Hedda Gabler (play byHenrik Ibsen) transl. Toronto: Playwrights Canada, 1983 ISBN 1-555155-758-4

The Noose & Improvisations for Mr X (two plays) Dunvegan: Cormorant Books, 1989 ISBN 0-920953-19-0; The Noose also in Dramatic Voices from England, Canada and New Zealand (anthology)Berlin: Cornelsen Verlag, 1989 ISBN 3-464-00608-5

The Glass Mountain (a play by Tor Ǻge Bringsvaerd) transl. with Per Brask; in Dramacontemporary: Scandinavia, New York: Paj Publications, 1989

ISBN 1-55554-050-3 (cloth) / 1-55554-051-1 (pb)

Dying I Was Born Waterloo: Penumbra Press, 1992 (woodcuts by P. Schwarz) Special edition: ISBN 0-921254-53-9; Paperback: ISBN 0-921254-41-5

Raging Like a Fire. A Celebration of Irving Layton; edited with Joy Bennett Montreal: Vehicule Press, 1993 ISBN 0-919221-13-0

Letters on Birchbark Manotick: Penumbra Press, 2000 (transl. poems by Uta Regoli) ISBN 1-894131-08-8

The Dragon and the Pearl Ottawa: BuschekBooks, 2002 ISBN 1-894543-12-2

Across the Sun’s Warp Ottawa: BuschekBooks, 2003 ISBN 1- 894543- 6-5

Coming to Terms with a Child Windsor: Black Moss 2011 ISBN 978-0-88753-489-8

Seasons of Blood Ottawa: BuschekBooks, 2011 ISBN 978-1-894543-67-5

Coming to Terms with a Childhood, Windsor: Black Moss Press, 2011 ISBN 978-0-88753-489-8

Fugitive Horizons Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2013 ISBN 978-1-55071-732-7

Coming to Terms with a Childhood/Ein Kind kommt zur Sprache Marburg (Germany):Verlag LiteraturWissenschaft, 2015 (bilingual English/German) ISBN 978-3-936134-45-2

Fugitive Horizons/Flüchtige Horizonte Marburg (Germany):Verlag LiteraturWissenschaft, 2015 (bilingual English/German; transl. Heide Fruth Sachs) ISBN 978-3-936134-50-6

Sightlines Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2016 ISBN

Cantos North / Cantos du Nord, bilingual edition, French transl. by Arlette Francière, with Afterword, "Singing the North" by Sherrill Grace, OC

Note that I have always bought a box of each of my books. Some leftover copies of these may still be available at the original price. Inquire via email [email protected]